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Purchasing LED Light Bulbs

November 14, 2015 / no comments, on Blog

Due to the many benefits that they offer, the LED light bulbs are transforming all forms of lighting solutions. There are various factors and terminologies that a consumer needs to know before purchasing the LED light bulbs. It is important to get familiar with them because these are not considered while buying incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems. So this article will help you make a good purchasing decision and experience long-term benefits.


As many of us already know LED stands for light emitting diode. Just like a computer chip, the LEDs are semiconductors that efficiently produce light than most traditional light sources. They emit energy in the form of light when electricity is passed through them. The chemicals are injected in them to determine the light color. This is an added reason as to why the LED light bulbs are more energy efficient than the traditional ones. For nearly about 40 years, the LED lighting systems are used in the displays and indicator light systems. Now, the engineers have come up with products that can be used in even the residential areas to make their room bright and energy efficient. The high light source and energy efficient quality has made LED light bulbs a popular choice across the world. The below-mentioned guidelines will help you in your purchasing decision.


  • Although the initial investment cost for LED light bulb is higher than the traditional bulbs used earlier, but when compared with the long-term benefits, the cost is actually lesser than the traditional bulbs.
  • There is a diverse range of LED light bulbs available in the market and so the consumer needs to know his needs in advance and then make a purchase accordingly.
  • LED light bulbs do emit heat and most of the manufacturers are concerned regarding this issue. However, with the advanced technology now there are many products available in the market that produce less heat but the price of these may be slightly higher when compared to others. So, while purchasing the LED light bulbs it is best to go for reputed and high-quality brands.
  • LED bulbs do not blow just like the traditional ones. Their light gradually fades away with time. But when we compare them with the traditional incandescent bulbs, still the life of LED is more and they give energy efficient results.
  • While buying a light bulb, you also need to consider the lumens that it has. In simple language, lumens are to measure the light. So, this is another aspect that a consumer needs to consider while going in for LED light bulb.


When you opt for LED light bulbs, you are going to get many benefits. However, you need to select a reputed brand as per an expert’s advice. When you take a professional’s advice, you can be sure of great results and savings.

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