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Many Benefits of CFL Lighting Technology

October 9, 2015 / no comments, on Uncategorized

CFL stands for compact fluorescent lights. These lighting systems are getting popular across the globe these days. Due to their high cost and size, earlier they were only used in the commercial sector. However, just like any other technological advancement, the CFLs are now available in compact sizes and affordable prices too. So, they are widely being used in households as well. Before discussing the benefits of CFL lighting technology, let us see how they work.


How CFL bulbs work

The CFL technology light bulbs do not use the filament to light up like the traditional incandescent light bulbs. It is with the mixture of three phosphors that these products light. These emit light when this mixture is exposed to the ultra violet light exposed from mercury. In the CFL light bulbs, the light produced is diffused as compared to the traditional incandescent light bulbs.


Benefits of CFLs

The CFL lighting system is getting popular because there are several advantages of using this type of lighting system.


  • They are environment-friendly as they produce less heat and consume less energy. Even low watt CFL light bulbs give the desired or better light. For example, you can easily replace the 60 watts incandescent bulb with a 15-watt CFL light bulb to provide the same amount of light.
  • Fewer watts mean less energy consumption and more savings. These days the manufactures provide a conversion table so that the customers are able to calculate the watts and the kind of CFL light bulb that they would need. Over 1/4 of the electrical bills is saved because of using energy efficient CFL light bulbs.
  • These are very easy to install and easily fix in the existing holder of the light bulb, so there is no extra cost for installation. In this regard, all that you need to do is get the CFL light bulb and fix it in the existing holder that you have in your home.
  • It is said that the lifetime of CFL light bulb is 10 times more than the traditional incandescent light bulb.


CFLs are in demand

Due to advancement in technology, now the CFL lighting system is experiencing a lot of growth and people are realizing the benefits with long-term use. Even if the initial investment is more than the regular bulbs, you will notice that the life of CFL light bulbs is long and they are energy efficient.


Position of CFL light bulbs

However, one consideration that you need to give is placement of CFL light bulbs. Since these have a problem of interfering with the electronic equipments, it is recommended to fix them at a suitable height and away from the devices such as computers and radio.


So, next time you need to buy light bulbs for you home or commercial place, you know which ones to buy. When you go to purchase the CFL light bulbs, make sure to compare a few and buy only high quality ones for long-term benefits.

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