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Cree 60w Light Bulb Review

October 30, 2014 / no comments, on Lighting Reviews

Cree 60w Light Bulb Review

LED lights have dependably been a bit like auto repairs: they’re either great quality or cheap yet seldom both. Furthermore its all exceptionally well and great that these bulbs utilize a small amount of the power as incandescents yet dropping $30-$40 on a solitary bulbs particularly when they’re so outsider looking—keeps numerous shoppers from exchanging over. In any case that is the place the Cree LED bulbs comes in.

What Is It?

The Cree LED bulbs is a LED light source intended to precisely mirror the light and structure component of radiant bulbs for short of what $15.

Who’s It For?

Do you presently have a light on in your home or office at this moment? At that point you can presumably discover an utilization for the Cree LED Bulb.


The Cree LED pulls out all the stops to chimp the look and feel of a conventional A19 radiant. The “Cree LED Filament Tower” (read: the light source) copies the concentrated light source that fiber globules create and covers it in a genuine glass vault to convey light equally. Not at all like, say, the turtle-necked Philps dimmable LED or the Samsung LED, with its go-quick blades, the Cree bulbs really resembles a light.

Utilizing It

In the event that you don’t know how to fasten a light, I don’t even know where to begin.

The Best Part

These things are very reasonable, given the nature of light created. Cree bulbs are robust, as confirm by past spotlight surveys, so getting a warm white 40w proportionate for $10, a 60w warm white for $13, or a 60w sunlight for $14 is a take, particularly when appraised for 25,000 hours. Additionally, they act like consistent incandescents: they turn on immediately and are dimmable. The Crees deliver light at either 2700 or 5000 K, contingent upon whether you purchased the warm white or sunlight mixture, however have marginally lessened yield contrasted with the Samsung (900 vs 800 Lumen on the 60w) and the Philips (470 vs 450 on the 40w), however its not especially detectable.

Terrible Flaw

The knob is measured for standard A19 attachments however the furrowed ring dividing the base and arch can act as a burden, keeping the bulbs from being completely sunk.

This Is Weird…

It’s almost difficult to differentiate between the 40w and a comparable radiant once the lampshade is on.

Test Notes

Bulbs are appraised for 25,000 hours of utilization.

40w identical uses 6w, 60w light uses 9.5w, 60w sunshine utilizes 9w (not tried).

Incorporates 10-year constrained guarantee.

Yields 84 Lumen for every watt.

Should I Buy It?

In case you’re searching for a moderate, quality LED that looks and feels like the knob its supplanting, then yes.

Cree LED Bulb Specs

Measurements: 2.4 inches D x 4.6 inches L

Lumens: 800 (60w), 450 (40w)

Shade Temp: 2700k (warm white), 5000k (daylight)

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